Are you a foreigner living in Spain? Have you paid Estate Tax in Spain? We recover your money

The Spanish Supreme Court agreed in 2018 that foreigners living in Spain that received a cross border Estate from their relatives living abroad, and whom are required by law to pay Estate tax as residents in Spain, will be able to take advantage of the tax benefits established by the Comunidades Autónomas when paying the Estate tax rather than the Government Estate tax which is much more burdensome by not collecting these tax benefits.

Therefore, foreigners living in Spain are taxed in their cross-border Estates in the same way as heirs of Spanish or European Union Estates.

More important foreigners living in Spain who paid the Estate Tax in Spain without applying the benefits of the Comunidades Autónomas may request the return of mostly the whole tax paid to the Spanish Tax Authorities.

If you have received a cross border Estate you must check if you have the right to a refund of the amount paid to the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Additionally, the Supreme Court has recently resolved that residents in Spain who have not applied the regional benefits may claim the excess paid to the Spanish Treasury, regardless of when they received the inheritance (including beyond the 4-year statute of limitations), if there has been an audit of the tax form at any time.

Spanish Lawyer NYC can help you get your money back from the Spanish Tax Authorities at no cost until you get your money back in your bank account.

Many of our clients have already received their money back.

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Spanish Constitutional Court allows to recover the Plusvalia Municipal